Bop to the Lindy Hop

Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Bop to the Lindy Hop

Lynne Jackson celebrated her 40th birthday recently with a ‘vintage style’ party and kindly asked her friends and family to support a Stand by Me project in India, in place of buying her birthday gifts.

Lynne, her husband and two daughters have been supporters of Stand by Me for many years and have raised money for our children in many inspiring ways. Lynne’s hobby is 1920’s – 1940’s dancing. She wanted to incorporate something fun and different into her event, so she arranged for her dancing teacher to come along and teach her friends and family how to ‘Lindy Hop’. While celebrating, Lynne also wanted to help children who are in great need. She said,

“I intended to ask people not to buy me presents as I really didn’t need anything, but I knew that if I said that, many of my guests would still feel like they wanted to bring a present. So I decided to ask them to support Stand by Me, my favourite charity, instead.”

Lynne worked with Stand by Me to decide on a one-off project she was passionate about – to buy each child in our Agape Home in India a pair of shoes. She asked her guests to support this project so that they could see for themselves the difference their donation was making. The children at the Stand by Me Agape Home in India live in an extremely unsettled area, where there is great hardship and bloodshed, and hundreds of orphans wandering the streets. Our 24 children are happy in their new home, but are each in need of a bed, a mattress, blankets, pillows and a mosquito net to ensure they enjoy a healthy, comfortable night’s sleep, free from malaria. With the help of her friends and family, Lynne has so far raised a magnificent £400 for these ‘Snug as a Bug’ Goodnight Packs and money is still coming in. To read more about Lynne’s project, or to donate to this cause, visit her Snug as a Bug project page

If you would like to back a project yourself and would like to discuss the options available, contact us online or call us on 0845 604 5543 today – we would love to find a project that is just right for you!

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