Thang Sian Khai steps closer to his teaching dream

Myanmar Friday, 15 March 2019
Thang Sian Khai steps closer to his teaching dream

When Thang Sian Khai joined our Sophia Home in Tamu, Burma, just 6 years old. He had never been to school due to living in a very remote, rural village. At Stand by Me he received regular meals, a loving home, medical care and a great education to give him a bright future.

Thang Sian Khai enjoyed school and passed his examinations with honours. After passing his Grade 10 matriculation exam, the exam needed to progress to further education, he applied for Education College to study to reach his dream of becoming a school teacher. He underwent an entrance exam and an interview. Shortly after, he found out that only three were selected for a place and he was one of them! He also received the fantastic news that he will receive a scholarship during his five years of studies. On finding out this news, Thang Sian Khai said:

"I was mere a jungle boy in a remote village, where there is no school. Adopted by Stand by Me, Tamu I tasted what a school is like. Thank God for loving me, thank my mum and dad at the home, they do a lot for me. Thank you Stand by Me. Thank you the sponsors. A village kid will be attending the Education College, this is the dream of many others! Now this chance is mine.”

Thang Sian Khai will make the most of this chance to study to become a teacher. We are certain that he will be an amazing teacher as he seeks to give children the best education that he so valued as a child. 

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