The happiest girl in the world

Myanmar Tuesday, 30 August 2016
The happiest girl in the world

Hoih Nei Vah's achievements are amazing considering the great loss and poor health she has experienced in her life.

Hoih Nei Vah lived in Naungket village, northeast of Tamu, Burma. Hoih’s parents didn't have permanent jobs. They would sometimes work collecting bamboo canes in the forest, sometimes work in the paddy fields during the harvest and other times they would fish in the river near their home. Both of Hoih’s parents worked very hard to provide for their family but when Hoih was just two years old her father became ill with malaria and passed away.

Just four years later, Hoih's mother, after struggling to provide for her three daughters as the sole breadwinner, sadly passed away because of TB. Hoih and her two sisters were now orphans.

Hoih and her sisters lived with a village leader for two years but when they needed love the most, they were mistreated and forced into labour. But life took a brighter turn when a distant relative heard of their situation and asked the Stand by Me Sophia Home to welcome them into their family. And of course, they did.

A comfortable home, loving family, regular food and excellent education soon helped the girls feel settled and loved in their new family. Over the years Hoih worked hard at school but she hit another obstacle:

“My health became very poor in 2015. I lost half of my weight. I was in high fever day and night. I was in the hospital for one and a half months. I was so sad I was found to be HIV positive. The home carers never abandoned me. The Home Papa encouraged me and told me that I would survive if I keep getting treatment and multi-vitamins. Slowly and slowly I regained my weight, I get better each day.My health allowed me to join the Sophia Academy school year. I was the happiest girl in the world the day when I knew I passed the matriculation examination with distinction in the subject of Economics. Thank you everyone who takes a part in raising me up.”

Hoih has faced every obstacle life has thrown at her with bravery and determination and we couldn't be prouder. Nothing makes us happier than seeing children rise from terrible situations to reach their potential with giant smiles on their faces.

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