A life-changing trip to Nepal

Nepal Tuesday, 21 August 2012
A life-changing trip to Nepal

A team of volunteers from Braintree report in from the Stand by Me children’s hostel in Nepal, to share their experience of their two week stay so far.

“Today everyone is working in small teams carrying out lots of different jobs. We are decorating the boy’s hostel, painting their lockers, cleaning and painting windows, building the playground equipment, creating name plaques to personalise the children’s lockers and finishing off painting outside walls.

A lovely thing happened yesterday. We all went off to lunch, leaving the paint and brushes next to the boy’s block, ready to paint a wall after we’d eaten. When we came back to start work, the wall was painted already! The boys had gone ahead and done it without anyone suggesting they should. It was such a heart-warming moment. The children are taking ownership of the project which makes it all the more special for us to be working with them."

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