Alvaro's vision restored

Colombia Wednesday, 06 December 2017
Alvaro's vision restored

An eye test and glasses can dramatically change a child’s experience of life and learning. Alvaro, age 11, lives in Guacamayal, Colombia and we support him with food, healthcare and a great education at our Emmanuel Care Centre. When he told his mother that he was experiencing constant headaches, we helped him get the help he needed and an appointment with an optometrist. 

After examining Alvaro's eyes, the optometrist came to the conclusion that Alvaro needed reading glasses. Thanks to the donations of Stand by Me's supporters, we were able to get Alvaro the glasses he needed to restore his vision.  

"My eyes were tested because I got headaches and eye pain at school when I read from the board. When my mum realised that I had headaches frequently, and sometimes I missed classes at school or at Care Centre, she took me to the optometrist. The optometrist examined my eyes with a small lamp, then he put me metal glasses, I looked funny, and my mum and I were laughing. The optometrist put several lenses and showed some letters and I read them well but it took me long time. When the test finished, the optometrist said I have astigmatism and I asked "what is astigmatism?" He told me it is a deficiency in my eyes and is the reason for my headaches and discomfort. 

When I was asleep. My mum told me "Alvaro I brought you the glasses", I got up right away and took them out from the box. They had a beautiful colour, orange. I put them on and look at the  mirror, I looked funny and I laughed.

I see better with the glasses, I don’t have discomfort, I can read  and I don’t have eye pain. I don’t have headaches anymore. My friends say I look good and I like that. I thank God, Stand by Me, my sponsors and the Care Centre for helping me with my eye problem, because I have my glasses and I don’t have headaches."

Alvaro is able to make the most of his education now that his eyesight has improved and he is headache free. Without the pain he was experiencing, he can now get more enjoyment out of life. 

A simple gift of an eye test and glasses gives a child joy. Our kids love the new experience of having their eyes tested and trying on their glasses for the first time brings lots of excitement and boosts their confidence. An eye test and glasses can be purchased for a child in Stand by Me's care through our Gift Catalogue, call 01708 442271 to request one.  

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