Tarike starts school

Ethiopia Thursday, 14 December 2017
Tarike starts school

In September we welcomed 40 children to our Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo. The Abdi Academy provides children with a great education, medical care, nutritious meals and family support. The 40 children have joined KG1 and have settled into school life, excited at the chance to learn.

One of our new children is six year old Tarike. After Tarike’s mother passed away, her father abandoned the family, leaving Tarike to be cared for by her four older siblings. Two of her sisters work hard to support young Tarike but their labour bears little fruit and they often can’t afford to eat.

The family live in deep in poverty, they don’t even have a bed in their mud hut and they sleep on the cold floor. Without an education, Tarike would have no way of escaping poverty, but now she has hope because she has started school at the Stand by Me Abdi Academy.

Since joining school Tarike has received a school uniform, regular food and health checks. With a great education Tarike is on her way to reaching her full potential. And not only does Tarike benefit, but so do her family as they have one less mouth to feed and the burden to provide for her needs is reduced. In time, the family support from the school will benefit them all and help them rise out of poverty.  

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