Building has begun in Shan

Myanmar Thursday, 08 October 2015
Building has begun in Shan

This year, due to the great needs of children in Shan in Burma, we set out to purchase land to build a children’s village to provide a comfortable and quality home for our children who are currently living in rented accommodation and to meet the growing demands of children who need a loving family environment.

We have received great support and encouragement and were able to purchase land for the location of the children’s village earlier this year. Since then, work has begun to build a children’s village and is progressing well.

We have appointed a director named James Thang to oversee the building work and assess the needs of the local area. The plot of land for the children’s home is located in Ayetharyar in Taunggyi. Work began on the site in September and the site has already experienced some key developments.

An artesian well now supplies water to the site, essential to ensure the health of the children and sustainability of the children’s village. In addition to a well, two small storehouses have been built, one housing a generator to give the site access to electricity and one that will be used for additional resources.

Every day, eight workers and two bricklayers work on the construction of a boundary wall that will provide the security of the fence around the campus. When it is completed the building of the children’s homes is scheduled to commence in November.

James, our Shan State director, has spent time visiting the area around the land and has seen the great need to rescue and care for vulnerable children. The majority of people in the local area do not have access to clean drinking water, instead they have to purchase water to drink but it is expensive and the poorest cannot afford it. Many have no other option than to drink dirty water which puts their health at risk. Living in extreme poverty and having no access to healthcare exacerbates the desperate conditions of families in Shan. Stand by Me hopes that our Shan State Children’s Village will be a centre from which we can meet the needs of vulnerable children as well as extend our care to those in the local community.

We would love you to be involved in building a Shan State Children’s Village and bring love to kids in need, giving them the opportunity for a brighter future and the knowledge God loves them. Visit our fundraising page to join with us.

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