Child sponsorship helps kids to feel chosen

Romania Wednesday, 22 August 2018
Child sponsorship helps kids to feel chosen

We can’t emphasise enough just how much having a sponsor means to our kids. Cami, our Romania Director, has seen firsthand the joy of sponsorship and the lasting difference it makes in a child’s life.

“I want to share with you about the joy little kids, recently registered at Denisa Care Centre, show every time they receive a sponsor they jump up and down and tell of having someone who chose them in particular to sponsor. This special feeling of being chosen stays with the kids even after they leave the programme. That is why most of our devoted alumni, who come to volunteer, are the ones who had sponsors who corresponded with them for years.”

Every child needs to know they are accepted for who they are, so our amazing staff like Cami make sure they know they are loved and cared for. Child sponsorship supports this further and Cami’s words express just how much it means to our kids. For a child to have a special relationship with their sponsors increases their self-esteem and helps them experience the love of a family, something that many children lack. 

When our kids know that someone chose them despite their difficult start in life, it means the world to them and shares with them the love of God. Sponsor a child today to help a child know they are chosen, accepted and loved. 

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