Child sponsorship – more than a monthly donation

Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Child sponsorship – more than a monthly donation

Have you ever wondered what child sponsorship is? Child sponsorship is an incredibly important part of how we rescue and care for kids at Stand by Me. It’s so much more than a monthly donation providing for a child’s food, clothes, medical care and education; it means a child feels loved, cared for and part of a family. With a sponsor standing by them, our children can thrive and become all they are created to be.

Here we’ve listed the four most important things you need to know about child sponsorship at Stand by Me and why we think it’s the best way to make a difference in a child’s life:

Provide child-centred care

Your sponsorship donation of £20 per month will provide the best care possible for the child you sponsor. This could be to provide 24hr care in a loving family home for a child who is orphaned or without a stable family environment. For children who have a family but have no access to an education, your sponsorship money will enable them to go to our school or care centre and provide them with a quality education, committed teachers, books, pens, nutritious food and vital medical care.

Build a relationship

When you sponsor a child, we’ll send you their photo and background story. This helps you get to know your child and begin building a relationship from the start. We will then send you regular updates, photos and correspondence from your child. As you write and receive communication from your child you build a personal relationship with them. You get to know their interests, hopes and dreams. For a child to know that someone takes an interest in them and cares about every detail of their life increases their self-worth. 

Love and encouragement 

We want every sponsor to have a great relationship with their child and we do our best to facilitate and encourage sponsors to write as often as they can. Our kids love to receive letters, photos and small gifts from their sponsors. These things quickly become treasured possessions. All of the children in our care have experienced great adversity and some struggle with feelings of rejection and worthlessness, a sponsor's loving words can make all the difference to a child's confidence, helping them know they are loved and precious. 

Help a child thrive

Our kids are all different - they have different stories, different needs and different dreams. But they all need loving relationships to know they are accepted for who they are. Our kids thrive knowing that their sponsors love and care for them and that they are part of a wider family across the world. With the right care and their sponsors' love and encouragement, our kids have the support to realise their potential and reach their dreams.

We believe that anyone can reach across the world and enable one more of our kids to have a chance at a great life. By sponsoring a child, you can change everything for one more child. Meet our amazing kids today.

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