Hot meals on the menu in Khairang

Nepal Thursday, 09 May 2019
Hot meals on the menu in Khairang

Our Bethany School in the mountains of Khairang, Nepal continues to thrive and educate children who were once living in isolation with no chance of an education. The children attend school each day eager to learn even after a long trek though the mountain paths to get there.

We have been providing breakfast every morning as most children come to school with empty stomachs and some have walked for up to 90 minutes to reach the school. With little income, their families can’t always afford to provide breakfast or regular meals and therefore hunger is a reality for many of our kids. 

We know from our experiences in our schools around the world that providing nutritious food helps to improve academic performance and so hot meals are now on the menu at the Bethany School in the Khairang. Our children enjoy their curry and rice, even if the spoons are a new experience for them.

The meal of rice and curry provides the nutrition each child needs to thrive, giving them extra strength, the ability to concentrate on their lessons and better health. As well as a tasty start to the day!

Enabling our kids to receive both regular food and a great education is an essential part of the success of the Bethany School and we are seeing our kids growing, not just physically but also in confidence as they realise they have a much brighter future ahead of them. 

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