Doctors and dentists visit the care centre

Colombia Wednesday, 15 May 2019
Doctors and dentists visit the care centre

Around the world, Stand by Me cares for children who, having grown up in awful circumstances and deep poverty, have never been able to afford medical treatment. For our kids to benefit from a life-changing education and have the bright future they deserve, we must meet their medical needs.

There are no hospitals in Guacamayal, Colombia where we care for over 180 kids at our care centre. Stand by Me invites doctors and dentists to visit the care centre and run clinics for our children and often their relatives too. Recently a team of nine doctors and two dentists visited the care centre.

The doctors gave every child a general health check, giving children a treatment plan for any health issues that arose and prescribing medication when needed. For children who had more serious health needs, the doctors referred them to hospitals in the city and we will support them all the way as they face these health challenges. 

For kids in Guacamayal, simple items like toothbrushes and toothpaste are beyond what they can’t afford. To prevent gum disease, tooth decay and to ensure they have good dental hygiene, we distributed toothpaste and toothbrushes to all of our kids. The visiting dentists, along with our staff, taught our kids to brush their teeth as taking care of their dental health is a very important skill to learn. 

The dentists also checked our children's teeth and were able to correct dental issues on the day, helping our kids smile even brighter!

At Stand by Me we consider every aspect of our children’s health and through the clinics our kids can have a healthier future. With appropriate medical treatment and providing the individual care that each child needs, our kids in Colombia are thriving.

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