Cuddly new friends

Romania Friday, 16 May 2014
Cuddly new friends

In the town of Dobrun, Romania, 50 teddy bears are receiving a lot of cuddles, kisses and love. The children in our Denisa Day Care Centre were each given a soft toy of their own. The centre received new books, sports equipment, blankets, clothes and coats to keep them warm during the cold winters, but the cuddly toys were by far the children’s favourites and the excitement, joy and delight was clear to see when they received them.

Using their imaginations they played with their new ‘friends’, tucking their teddies into ‘bed’ under coats and blankets. It was a privilege to see the children treating the toys with care and love, when many of the children have had a difficult life of crippling poverty and extreme need. The centre gives day care to 50 children, meeting the children’s physical, medical, emotional and spiritual needs which are often neglected in their home environment.

Without the centre many of the children could never have hoped to own such a luxury as a soft toy, for most it was their first ever toy, and now, their most cherished possession. Read more about our work in Romania.

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