Dancing Brings Joy

Myanmar Thursday, 09 May 2024
Dancing Brings Joy

We are overjoyed to pursue our passion for dancing, and we hope for more opportunities in the future. Your prayers mean the world to us, and we’re thrilled to be doing what we love” said 16-year-old Ngua, also known as ‘dancer’ amongst his peers. He was one of the seven children at our Agape Home in Myanmar who participated in a recent regional dance competition. During the past few months, the children at the home have been pursuing their hobbies by dancing together, an activity that has been a light amidst dark times.

Only a few months ago our kids had been forced to leave the Agape Home building due to extreme flooding that damaged many of their possessions and destroyed their rice fields. But now having returned to the home, repaired through the generosity of faithful supporters, rising conflicts have not allowed the children to fully return a sense of normalcy. The uncertainty of the future, however, has not stopped our children from doing what they love.

The children arrived at the competition both nervous and full of excitement. They had spent a month preparing to perform, giving up their Saturdays to diligently practice together, and it was now their chance to show off what they had been training for. They would be competing against 50 other children from the region in front of an audience of over 350 people.

The dancers were awarded third place in the competition, an achievement both the children and the staff were incredibly proud of. Thang, a staff member at the home, expressed: “Their spirits soared when they clinched the third position, and their joy was obvious. Participating in the competition not only improved their dance skills but also instilled important values such as teamwork and perseverance.”

After their first performance the Agape Home went on to participate in further competitions, with even more children joining in. A few weeks ago, 15 of the home’s children came together to compete again, this time with a bigger stage, a larger audience and even more energy.

The competitions have given the children a deeper passion for dancing which has brought them closer together. While there remains uncertainty about future competitions, the kids are eager to continue developing and showcasing their skills. In the midst of the civil war in Myanmar, which has caused uncertainty and fear, the chance for our children to pursue their passions provides a small relief and brings them much joy.

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