Day by Day

Tuesday, 01 May 2012
Day by Day

Children’s lives are being changed at the Cneazevca Day Care Centre thanks to the love and care they are receiving. We have seen a rapid improvement in their school grades and we are thrilled to see the children grow in confidence each day.

Three months ago the centre began a new programme focusing on individual care and academic support for each child. Remarkably we have already seen a huge difference in the lives of the children. Many hours are spent working alongside the children who come to the day care centre, both those who attend on a daily and a weekly basis. They are given help with their homework and any other academic challenges that they face.

Plucci Lidia, a carer at the centre, says, “The [children’s] teachers are stopping us on the street to tell us about the huge improvement in the children’s schoolwork. It is wonderful to see the children become more confident and enthusiastic.”

The children who attend the centre thoroughly enjoy the variety of leisure activities on offer which include crafts, games, singing and bible stories. Through these activities their confidence grows, they develop new skills and we often discover hidden talents.

Cneazevca Day Care Centre is a little pocket of hope and love within the fragile country of Moldova, where Stand By Me and Youth for Christ Eastern Europe (YFC-EE) are partnering together to help meet the needs of children living in poverty. The centre is one of 52 across the country, each one supported by a village church, and this centre is helping 48 children who live in the village of Cneazevca.

The centre reaches out beyond the children by visiting the families in their own homes. The parents are delighted with our work and speak of the ‘miracle’ in their children’s lives. As the parents form trusting relationships with the teachers and carers, they work together to encourage their children to study hard and gain a good education. The Day Care Centre offers hope to children who would otherwise have none and is making a lasting difference in their lives.

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