Elsa walks tall

Ethiopia Wednesday, 03 April 2013
Elsa walks tall

‘‘I never dreamed in my life that I would get comfortable shoes for my leg”, said Elsa, aged 12. “But God bless Stand by Me, I got the shoes!’’

These are the words of Elsa, a young girl attending the Bethany School in Bekoiji, Ethiopia. She was born with one leg longer than the other, which makes walking very difficult for her, and particularly uncomfortable.

Elsa’s mother knew of her condition and worried about her leg, but living as a single mum with three children in a mud hut, she could not afford to seek medical attention. When we discovered Elsa’s disability, we arranged to take her to the Prosthetics and Orthotics Centre in Addis Ababa, the nearest city to Bekoiji.

Elsa now has special shoes with a built-up heel, which have eased her discomfort and allow her to walk with stability. Elsa and her family are overjoyed at the outcome. Elsa said ‘‘I am now very happy as I can walk properly!’’

When Elsa grows up, she wants to be a doctor so that she can help to treat patients.

With your support, Elsa can achieve that dream. Find out more about how you can support children through our child sponsorship programme today.

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