Enhanced health of our kids in Colombia

Colombia Wednesday, 10 June 2015
Enhanced health of our kids in Colombia

Thanks to the generous support to our Colombia Medical Priority Project we were able to ensure that every Stand by Me child in Colombia received a medical check up, a dental check up, a dental hygiene kit and health education.

For our kids who have more serious health needs, referrals were made, medications prescribed and in some cases, tests and operations carried out. In total 21 children visited a specialist and received treatment.

Manuel who had severe eye problems has since seen eye specialists and been prescribed new glasses, helping him to see the board at school. Ketty, who was restricted to a wheelchair because of her back problems and could not attend school, is now on medication, improving in her walking and healthy enough to go to school. That’s what we like to hear!

Children in Colombia now have the chance of a healthier and happier life and your continued support means that children like Dana (above) can receive an education unhindered by bad health. Dana is the youngest of six siblings, she lives with her parents and four of her siblings in a very small house. The kitchen is outside so they cook in the open and at times there is no water supply to their town so they have to bathe and collect water in the river. With her father unemployed and her mother on a small income, it was no surprise that Dana had deteriorating health because of malnutrition and poor hygiene. Thankfully she now receives supplements and a tailored diet to keep her healthy.

Visit our Colombia Medical page to read the full update.

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