Everything was gone

Nepal Tuesday, 02 June 2015

Thanks to your generosity we have provided relief to an area in Nepal through our partner. This district was one of the worst affected areas and suffered the death of many people and total destruction of countless buildings. Our partner sent a team to there and the video shows the devastation the team found in the village that was unreached by any relief until they arrived.

The team reported back and told us what happened when they got there.

“We took three trucks with us. We had to cross three landslides on the way. We found out that 95% of the houses were destroyed. People had nowhere to live and no food. People were surviving eating leaves and plants from the jungle. It had already been three weeks and they told us we were the first ones to bring any help. They thought we were the government but we told them that we weren't but wanted to help.

It was very very heartbreaking to see these people not only without food but had lost many family members in the earthquake. Many told us they had lost their livelihood, all their crops were gone due to landslides and the earthquake. Everything was gone.

We gave them double portions. We were able to take care of one hundred families or more. People had come down from other remote villages to receive help, they were carrying baskets so they could carry two bags of rice each. That was the most important item they received. Then they received lentils, sugar, salt, cooking oil, noodles, blankets, pots and pans, cooking utensils and plastic tents for roof over their head. When it rained before we came, they were just out in the open. They did not know how they would survive the monsoon if they did not get more help.

Lots of foreign organisations have already left Nepal and are leaving. Now the real rebuilding needs to start as people need to start their livelihood and build their homes. We want to be there for these people to rebuild their homes and to rebuild their lives one more time.”

We agree – the real rebuilding starts now and we are committed to helping hundreds of families regain their livelihoods for the long-term. Despite the tragedy of the earthquake, we believe we can bring hope to many people in Nepal. Thank you for the incredible support so far, if you would like to join us visit our Nepal Earthquake Appeal. 

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