Fulfilling dreams

Myanmar Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Fulfilling dreams

“Thank you very, very much you support me. Unless you help me, I could not study. I don’t know how to say but I can say Thank You so much and God bless you”. These are the words of Lydia, a girl who lives in the Stand by Me Mercy Home in Burma and is now studying at university.

Lydia has just passed her exams to enter into her third year of university, and she is full of joy. Education in Burma is hard to come by, and the opportunity to go to university is rare. Without the help of Stand by Me and her child sponsorship, Lydia would not have been able to go to school, and university would have been beyond her wildest dreams.

As Lydia settled into the Mercy Home and began attending school on a regular basis, the stability she came to know led her to dream of her future. Now, many years later, Lydia is working harder than ever to achieve her dream of graduating with a degree.

Lydia’s father is a pastor in Burma, and when she was young, her parents were both unemployed but continued to serve God, despite their difficulties. Lydia’s parents felt compelled to care for orphans in the area and after Stand by Me came to know of their family, we began to support them as house parents. Now they are running the Mercy Home caring for 14 children, including three of their own, all of whom are enrolled in our child sponsorship programme.

Lydia, like the other children, is maturing into a responsible young lady. She is gaining top marks in all her exams and is a great asset to the Mercy Home. She loves to work with the younger children and teaches the Sunday School each week. Lydia’s popularity at the home is a testament to her kindness to others. She loves to play basketball with her friends. Please pray for Lydia and the path that her life will take, Lydia is a firm believer and says “God will help her” in her studies.

If you would like to help a child like Lydia to reach university, take a look at our child sponsorship page.

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