New children's village in Kalymayo, Burma

Myanmar Wednesday, 30 January 2013
New children's village in Kalymayo, Burma

We are excited to share that the dream of building a brand new children’s village in Kalymayo in Burma has become a reality and in 2012, the kids from our SOS, Siansiam and Home of Hope homes moved into their brand new accommodation.

These three homes were each situated in remote areas but now they are together as one family, close to the Stand by Me Lois School. This means the children can enjoy a high quality education and excellent new facilities in purpose-built homes while we are able to keep our costs low and closely monitor the work in an easily accessible area.

A year on, our Kalymayo Children’s Village has proved to be an incredible answer to the long-standing prayers of our children and carers. They longed for a comfortable home while they lived in the sparse and basic accommodation of the bamboo huts. Our Kalymayo Children’s Village has surpassed all our dreams and we are thankful for all the Lord has done through Stand by Me and our supporters. “It feels like a royal palace!” the children laughed, comparing it to the rented bamboo huts they previously lived in.

The children are relishing their own areas in their bedrooms – each one has their own special cupboard and the homes have separate bathrooms and toilets for the boys and girls. There is an acre of ground to play in and the carers are planning a vegetable garden so the children can learn how to provide for themselves and enjoy extra vegetables at mealtimes. There are also buildings for a communal kitchen, a large water pump for the site and a washing area.

We currently have 32 children enjoying the new Kalymayo Village facilities and it is a joy to see those who have come from such disadvantaged backgrounds, taking pleasure in surroundings they did not dare to dream of.

Dongh, our house parent for the Home of Hope, delivered the following words in his opening ceremony speech, “A house is built by hands but a home is built by hearts. Now a house has been built here, so as the kids are enjoying here I promise and we all promise to be a home, a real home, a lovely home. “

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