Gifts of hope

Monday, 04 November 2019
Gifts of hope

As we reach November, we begin to think about buying gifts for our loved ones. Yet, in Ethiopia and around the world, there are many parents who, as hard as they try, cannot buy their children the very things they need to survive.

One of these parents is Birhane, a single mum of three living in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia, who faces a daily struggle for survival. With her children often going to bed on empty tummies, Birhane had a metaphorical list of items she wished to provide for her children but could never afford; uniforms, books, shoes, healthcare, toys and a life-changing education. But today Birhane is full of hope because her eldest daughter Sifan now attends our Abdi Academy. In a recent conversation she said:

“If it was not for the school, I would have no hope. But now my hope is in Sifan. When Sifan grows up, she wants to become a doctor. Sifan tells me that our lives will be changed when she gets a good job in the future.”

As one of our kids, Sifan receives gifts such as uniforms, shoes, supportive teachers and health check ups that are not only transforming her life, but they are also a practical demonstration of God’s love to her family. 

Every year, we are able to provide life-changing gifts for children like Sifan because of the generosity of people who purchase items from our Gift Catalogue. 

Our Gift Catalogue is a great means of blessing our children but it is also a special way for you to buy a meaningful gift for a loved one. Having purchased an item, we will send you a gift card with a space for you to write a personal message, explaining that you have bought a gift for a child on their behalf. Every gift will empower our kids to dream big and hope for more.

If you would like us to post you a copy of our Gift Catalogue, please contact us on 01708 442271 or email

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