Nepal Tuesday, 11 October 2016

When two vulnerable teenage girls were lured from their homes by child traffickers, their parents and guardians became scared for their future security. Although these two girls were fortunately rescued before being taken secretly across the Indian border, we knew we needed to get involved.

With the Indian border only 50 miles away and a ready market for these girls; it was important to keep them safe but also enable them to gain an education and prospects for the future. 

The girls now attend the local government school where they are doing very well in their studies. The girls are learning life skills like handling money, shopping and cooking meals.

The girls are equipped with the knowledge needed to protect themselves. With our lasting support and the knowledge that they are loved, the girls are able to dream about what they might like to do when they have finished school and at this time have an interest in learning tailoring skills. Almost all traditional clothes are still handmade in Nepal so there is always a place for a skilled seamstress. 

Stand by Me are supporting these girls as part of our ongoing work in the remote mountain community.


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