Summer camps make Cing say “Wow”

Myanmar Wednesday, 02 November 2016
Summer camps make Cing say “Wow”

Cing Sian Hoih is 15 years old and attended one of our five day summer camps in Burma. She was surprised by the variety of activities, the fun atmosphere and by how much she enjoyed it:

“One of my friends came to me and told me that there was a camp at Sophia. I went with her to Sophia campus. Wow… many people are there, singing, making fun, reading the Bible. I had attended camp in the past and I was bored, but Sophia camp is a different. I enjoyed every item. I also had delicious meals, drinks and all. Most of I am happy that the team told me about Jesus.”

Each year we provide camps for hundreds of needy children in remote villages, where they enjoy nutritious food, receive medical care, have fun and learn about the love of Jesus.

The children that attend our summer camps often live in extreme poverty and experience a tough daily life. The camps give these children a chance to have fun, make friends and escape from the worries they face at home.

Summer camps are a great chance for Stand by Me to help children by assessing their medical needs and arranging medical help for those that need it. The children receive food that gives them a nutritious diet throughout the camps and and reduces the pressure for their families to put food on the table.

Many children receive Bibles at the five day camps to keep when they go back to their homes villages, having a lasting impact in their lives. The children will always remember their exciting time at the summer camp and often many children come back again the year after, knowing they will be welcomed and loved.

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