HIV food packs give hope

Ethiopia Thursday, 17 November 2016
HIV food packs give hope

The Stand by Me Abdi Academy cares for over 320 of Dembi Dollo’s most at risk children; giving them a fantastic education, quality health care, nutritious meals and loving support. It is important to Stand by Me that the needs of our children are fully cared for, including their health and wellbeing and that of their family.

The HIV Food Programme is a unique plan for children and their family members living with HIV. The programme incorporates nutritious school meals for the children, vital medication for those with HIV and monthly food packages for the whole family. The packages include vegetables, dairy products and carbohydrates to keep them healthy.

When our children benefit from the tailored food programme, they can fight infection, cope with their medication and attend school regularly so that they can benefit from an excellent education.

Sena’s mother Kumashi tells us how the support of the HIV Food Programme has improved her family’s health and given them hope:

“When I’m confirmed that I and my family are HIV positive, I was worried because this  disease is a deadly disease that it will end up with all of us dying. Our problem got solved when Stand by Me started giving us monthly HIV food packs for free which helped to improve our health. Since we take our medicine on time and eat  balanced diet, we feel healthy and hopeful to live on this world.”

Sena and her family are healthy and full of hope. No longer worried about her health, Sena can attend school, enjoy learning and live a full and happy life like every child should.

If you would like to give a family ‘hope to live on this world’ by purchasing a month’s worth of life-saving food email us for one of our alternative gift catalogues or download it here.

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