Growing in confidence

Wednesday, 20 August 2014
Growing in confidence

The Home of Serenity is a place of love and care. Many of the children come from neglected and impoverished backgrounds and therefore can suffer with learning difficulties among other issues.

This year has seen the girls progress in their personal and social development, one girl, Layal, joined the home only nine months ago. Her mother visited her and was so happy and surprised to see that she had made such remarkable progress in a short space of time. She particularly noted that Layal had gained more “self esteem and self confidence”.

This social development in addition to academic improvement is, in part, thanks to the varied activities that the girls in the home participate in. Just recently they went to ‘Dino City’, walking around a forest with models of dinosaurs and learning about the prehistoric era. This enhanced the young girls curiosity and excitement at exploring.

Not long after this trip they were able to celebrate the start of the summer holidays by visiting an amusement park and spent time playing in the park on trains, pirate ships and even a Ferris wheel. Their favourite part was the animal section where they saw a live lion. The perfect ending of their fun outing was a yummy ice cream.

To help support the personal and social development of children like the girls in the Home of Serenity, please visit the child sponsorship page.

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