Counselling and emotional support in Colombia

Colombia Friday, 22 August 2014
Counselling and emotional support in Colombia

Daniel* is known at the Centro Educativo Cristiano School as a sweet, fun, and happy boy. Always affectionate, always inquisitive and, unsurprisingly, always playing football with his friends.

Daniel is seven years old and the youngest of six siblings. Daniel lived in a block house that he shared with his mother, father, four brothers and one sister. Daniel’s father worked as a handyman and ran a store with Daniel’s mother.

Sadly, in July 2014 things changed for Daniel after his father returned home one evening, and in front of Daniel, took his own life. Having witnessed his father’s death, Daniel is now, understandably, very troubled and among other things is experiencing great difficulty in sleeping. Daniel is no longer the happy child that he once was.

It is very apparent that Daniel needs specialist help which is beyond the care of our immediate staff. We will support Daniel and his mother in whatever way we can and we have begun to provide him with counselling, emotional and spiritual support. At the school there are many children like Daniel who have experienced trauma and are all in need of prayer and psychological help. To stand with us in bringing hope, love and comfort back into the lives of children like Daniel, please visit our Colombia Medical Priority Project.

*Name changed for child protection

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