Fundraising for our Bethany School in Ethiopia.

Friday, 01 October 2021
Fundraising for our Bethany School in Ethiopia.

Have you ever considered fundraising for Stand by Me?

Our wonderful supporter, Mike, recently cycled all the way from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise money for our Bethany School in Ethiopia. He raised a whopping £5,000! That money will make such an impact to the school and bless so many children.

We caught up with Mike to find out his highlights from his journey:

“Looking back on my bike ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats I can’t help but think ‘Did we really do that?’ It was such a privilege to be able to take three weeks out of everyday life to do something which I enjoy. To see large parts of our beautiful country and to achieve something which was both challenging and rewarding. 

 We had some difficult days, particularly when I realised that my back brake was becoming less and less effective. Highlights mainly consisted of the amazing views, having climbed the hills to get there! We also now have a wide-ranging knowledge of the nations’ best cafes and flapjacks. Perhaps the biggest lesson was that if you set yourself a challenge and break it down into achievable chunks, who knows what you can achieve, almost without realising it? It was rewarding too to be able to share our progress via Facebook and read the encouragements which people sent us in return.  

Most of all, it has been fantastic to witness the sponsoring generosity of so many friends and family. Two years ago, I had the privilege of volunteering at the Bethany School in Ethiopia. Knowing that many of the children and families we met there (including our sponsored child) will benefit from our ride, in such difficult times, is the best reward of all.”

Mike not only achieved something incredible for himself, he achieved something incredible for the children at the Bethany School. Thanks to his fundraising

This money will make such a difference on the lives of the children at the Bethany School. It will help provide our children with education resources, such as books, pens, tables and chairs. It will give our children the tools they need to make the most of their education.

If you feel inspired by Mike’s amazing achievement, then why not do some fundraising yourself? Maybe you could run a marathon, host a quiz night, or a virtual bake-sale! You can combine doing something you love with raising money that will have a HUGE impact.

Contact us to discuss more fundraising options and how we can support you.

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