Flooding in Colombia

Colombia Friday, 24 September 2021
Flooding in Colombia

Recently, a storm hit Colombia causing terrible flooding. Floods hit our Emmanuel Care Centre and many of our children’s houses. Thankfully everyone is safe, but there was a great deal of damage. The water destroyed clothes, mattresses, fridges and more. Some family’s houses have become structurally unstable. For people who already had so little, this loss is devastating.

Nelly shared with us what her experience of the flood was:

“I was home with my children when the rain started. Like an avalanche, the flood came. A wave of water entered our house with great force. The only thing I thought about was my children. I told my older children to take the little ones to my mother’s house for safety. I stayed with my husband. We were lifting things, trying to save them from the water. With great anguish, I had to leave. The water had risen to my neck. 

 It was so sad for me when I returned and saw that my little mud house had collapsed. We lost our beds and mattresses. Our closet and clothes swept away. Thankfully, we got our fridge working again. But the food we had purchased to feed us for two weeks was all gone. I am glad my family is all safe, but it will take us a long time to rebuild what we lost.”

Essential repairs are needed in the care centre and some of our children’s houses need to be repaired or rebuilt. Many families need to replace damaged items. To ensure this damage doesn’t cause further harm and to keep our children safe and healthy, we will be funding these repairs.

If you want to help those impacted by the floods, please visit our Colombia Flood Appeal here.

With your help, we will provide care and support to every family in need and show them they are loved. Thank you

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