Heading to High School

Ethiopia Thursday, 19 January 2017
Heading to High School

Poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and child labour. Life didn’t give children in Bekoji much hope. But ever since we visited this town, we knew that we couldn’t let the children’s circumstances dictate their chances to achieve their dreams and we built the Bethany School to help them reach their potential.

Last year our grade 8 students took their regional exams. The government exams are taken by students in all schools throughout the country. If students pass the government exams, they are then able to start High School and continue their education.

35 of our students had worked hard all year and sat the exams. It is always a proud moment when we see children who we have given a helping hand, rise out of terrible circumstances and reach a significant point in their education. It is such an amazing achievement to reach grade 8 when the alternative for children in Bekoji is child labour and the vicious cycle of poverty. We are thankful that through your support we can help keep them in school.

The Bethany School students received their results and 33 students passed their government exam and will be continuing to High School. Three students exceeded all expectations and achieved very high marks: Eyob Lema Dadhi achieved a mark of 90, placing him above 99.81% of the country, Kenesa Ambe achieved a mark of 85, placing him in above 98.7% and Abi Aman Hasan achieved a mark of 77, placing him above 91.83%. To say we are incredibly proud is an understatement.

Education helps our kids reach their potential and realise their dreams. It opens their eyes to a world of opportunity and gives them the hope to change their life for the better. By educating a generation of kids in Bekoji, we are changing the community bit by bit.

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