I have become somebody from nobody

Myanmar Wednesday, 19 June 2013
I have become somebody from nobody

Vung Suan Cing’s father was a lumberjack and sadly died when a tree fell on him. Vung was only three years old. Vung’s mother worked extremely hard to look after her daughter, sending her to school and providing for her needs. However, she contracted tuberculosis and eventually died when Vung was only 10 years old. Left alone, Vung dropped out of school and worked as a child labourer. When we heard her story, we accepted her into our Sophia Children’s Home. She is a joy to have and cannot stop smiling.

“I lived in a remote village up there in the Chin Hills. Life was difficult in those days. I had to stop school for a year due to financial difficulties. Now things are different. Since I joined the Sophia Home I have not been being burdened with what is needed for life. Everything is here. All I need is here. Look, books, pencils, pens, bags, umbrellas, raincoats. I have never seen that sufficient for me before. I passed matriculation examination, the thing I Have not dared to dream of. If I were at the village I will never matriculate. Now I am attending Kalay University majoring in Geography. I am reading my second year course. A mere remote village girl, attending university and is about to be graduated with the BA degree. I have become somebody from nobody.“

If you would like to help children like Cing reach university by supporting them with child sponsorship, you can read more here

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