Heather and Karys go to Burma

Myanmar Tuesday, 25 June 2013
Heather and Karys go to Burma

We’ve been working with Atto Partners for some time on this website development and recently Heather and Karys from Atto headed out on a volunteer team to Burma, to see what we are REALLY all about. Have a read of what they think of Stand by Me now they’ve seen it first hand…

“Atto Partners have been working with Stand By Me for a while now. They’re an awesome charity that rescues kids in danger, many of them orphaned and abandoned. They provide loving, family homes and an excellent education, transforming lives and enabling the most vulnerable children reach their full potential.

When Ahmad asked us to come and see what they’re doing in Burma along with a small team of doctors, we jumped at the chance. It’s not often you get to work for a client who are literally saving lives around the world, and see the work first hand.

We worked with two schools and eight homes that are run by Stand By Me to encourage the children and teachers in their creativity, doing lots of craft, painting and drawing. Many of the kids had never used paints before and they picked it up instantly. We were constantly impressed by the eagerness to learn, both from teachers and children, the warmth and humour of the Burmese people and their fearless hurdle-leaping attitude in the face of a military government and poverty.

Stand By Me partners and trains the best of the best of these people and as a result, the kids we met in the homes were happy, healthy and growing up to be amazing role models in their community.

We both got to meet the boys we sponsor in Kalymayo. Hma Ngaih Thang and Sumpi are both great kids who have come from hard backgrounds. It was emotional and encouraging to know that we can support these boys from across the world.

We might be biased but if you’re looking for a way to give to a charity, Stand By Me are pretty darn awesome.”
Atto Partners , 2013

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