Saving lives through our HIV programme

Ethiopia Wednesday, 10 July 2013
Saving lives through our HIV programme

Our kind and generous supporters have helped us to continue saving lives over the past year through our HIV Food Programme in Ethiopia, keeping 43 children and family members living with HIV, healthy and well nourished.

We raised over £2,760 for this life-saving project, allowing the programme to continue for another year – thanks to you! It is a wonderful achievement that we can provide such a significant programme for the people of Bekoji.

As part of the programme our children living with HIV and their families receive a monthly package of food to provide the necessary nourishment and vitamins needed to allow their bodies to cope with their medication. Alongside this, the children receive nutritious meals at school lunchtimes and the families receive their vital medication.

We have been working closely with an HIV specialist who has now scientifically tailored our programme to meet the individual needs of each child. It is already evident from the children’s hair, skin and eyes that their bodies are stronger and healthier. We have recently also introduced a breakfast meal for the children on school mornings. As their health has been improving, so has their studies.

We are proud to have implemented this life-changing programme with your help, and the parents could not be more grateful. Abenezer’s mother said,

‘‘The support has helped me and my son so much. Our health is in very good condition. We have no stress any more. We are very happy and very grateful to the people providing this support.’’

You, our supporters, have made this difference and for that, we cannot express our gratitude enough.

Are you standing with us, knowing this is one of the most important things we can do for the children in our care?

Our numbers have now increased to 64 in the programme in Bekoji. If you would like to support our programme for the coming year, or you would like to tell others about it, please visit our HIV Food Programme 2013 project page.

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