Ketty's wheelchair-friendly home

Colombia Friday, 06 May 2016
Ketty's wheelchair-friendly home

Ketty woke up and began what she thought was a normal day. But it wasn’t a normal day because once she had arrived at school and begun her lessons, Ketty suddenly began to lose the use of her legs. Since then, Ketty has had a hard time in and out of hospital.

This situation was made worse because Ketty’s house was not wheelchair friendly, causing distress and feelings of hopelessness. She even had to share a bed with her Grandmother. Through our medical programme we have been able to give Ketty the care she needs and also completely renovate her house so that it is wheelchair friendly.

Ketty has had several operations and her recovery has been slow but gradual. Her walking is improving and she has been able to go to school. For our children in Colombia, an education is seen as the only chance to escape poverty and the desperate conditions that many live in.

To make sure her condition continues to improve, we completely rebuilt her house which made it much cleaner and safer. She now has a wet room bathroom in her home so that Ketty can wash independently and without difficulty. She now has her own, comfortable bed and has decorated it with her toys.

Through your support we are helping the most needy children, particularly those with medical issues, by providing toilets, repairing and improving homes and improving their facilities. Improving the health and well being of our kids and their families helps them benefit from their education and go on to reach their potential.  

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