Lal Run Lian’s thankful heart

Myanmar Thursday, 19 June 2014
Lal Run Lian’s thankful heart

Lal Run Lian came to Stand by Me when he was 11 years old. After he had been abandoned by his father and his mother had passed away, Lal Run Lian was left to be looked after by relatives who were too elderly to take care of him. They heard of Stand by Me and our home in Tamu and gave Lal Run Lian into our care.

Once rescued by Stand by Me everything changed for Lal Run Lian. He had a new family at the Sophia Home, an excellent education and a faith in Jesus.

He did excellently in all of his exams and after graduating high school he decided to be involved in ministry. He has been studying at Theology College for the past four years and was honored for his preaching during this time. This February he graduated with a BTh degree.

On receiving his degree he said, ‘I thank God for seeing me through. My father abandoned me. My mother passed away. But God never abandons or passes away. He is with me. I thank my home Papa and Mama for taking care of me. I thank Stand by Me and my sponsor. Without them I would not have come this far. I dedicate my life to the ministry of God because he has done so many things for me. Once a mere village boy, abandoned by father, left by mother, now I have a BTh degree. I will take care for my youngsters at the home and I will tell others about my faith in Jesus.’

Lal Run Lian’s now helps at both our Sophia Home and Sophia Academy. He is enthusiastic to care for the children there with support, encouragement and love, the same love that changed his own life. Read more about our work in Burma.

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