A special day for mothers

Colombia Thursday, 12 June 2014
A special day for mothers

The children at our Centro Educativo Cristiano School in Colombia had a great Mothers Day celebration. For this lovely occasion many mothers of the students came to the school. In Guacamayal it is common for mothers to be the only parent in their household due to being widowed or abandoned by their husbands. This day was very important in helping the mothers feel special and valued.

In preparation for the day the children had put a lot of care and effort into making gifts for their mothers. Some of the children had made photo frames while others had made storage pots decorated with glitter and bows. The children presented their mothers with the gifts and a glittery card in the shape of a heart with a touching message inside.

Everyone was treated to a delicious lunch and enjoyed sharing the meal together. The children performed a play about the value of a mother in the family and showcased their acting skills (see above). The play was followed by children reciting beautiful poems about mothers. A highlight of the day was a game of musical chairs played by the children’s mothers. The day was filled with joy and fun; mothers, children and teachers all laughing together and building good relationships. Read more about our work in Colombia.

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