Meet Elizabeth

Myanmar Sunday, 14 August 2016
Meet  Elizabeth

Elizabeth  grew up in Shan State in severe poverty. At 8 years old she had never been to  school and she had contracted Hepatitis B. Now she is part of our Stand by Me  family, she attended school for the first time and we are getting her the  medical attention she needs.

Elizabeth is one of four children we have welcomed to our Shan State Children’s Village. The two children’s homes are currently being constructed and will eventually care for 30 vulnerable children.

Elizabeth comes from a village called Pa Pe where she lived with her parents, four sisters and one brother. There was no government school or private school in her town and at eight years old she had never been to school and could not read or write.  

Her family of eight all slept on the cold, damp floor in their hut and when the storms came their hut would be battered by the wind and rain. The storms kept them awake all night and they would long for the sun to rise so that they could dry out their sodden blankets and get warm.

Elizabeth’s family’s poverty was so extreme that they had no shoes or coats. They were in a hopeless situation when James, Shan State Children’s Village Director, met them. But their sadness soon turned to excitement when James agreed to welcome Elizabeth to the Shan State Home to experience a comfortable environment, receive regular food and attend school for the very first time.

Elizabeth now attends a local school and is so happy to go to her lessons with her new clothes, uniform and shoes. She was given a ‘wardrobe’ to keep her new belongings and has her very own bed that is cosy and warm through the night, even through the storms. Now Elizabeth is sleeping soundly, knowing that she is loved and cared for. We can’t wait for her family to grow. To help us complete the Shan State Children’s Village and build a quality home for Elizabeth and her ‘siblings’ visit our project.  

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