Bags of potential

Colombia Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Bags of potential

Many of our children in Colombia  live in slum like conditions and come from families that struggle to provide  for their needs. New school resources are unaffordable for many families and without  these items children feel inadequate and worthless compared to their peers. 

Therefore great excitement spread through our care centre when new school bags were given to each child. The bags were packed pull of resources; pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, sharpeners, rulers and colourful folders that will encourage our children’s love of learning and give them a confidence boost.   

For children in Colombia, an education equips them with knowledge and tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty and provide for their own future. Bags and school resources help to bring dignity, equality and a sense of belonging.

The children were thrilled with their new bags. Some looked forward to throwing away their old broken bags, while for others, this was their only bag and they had previously been travelling to school without a bag or resources at all. Sebastian was one of these children, telling our care centre staff: “I really like the gift, because I had no bag. I needed one. I also needed the school supplies.”

Sebastian and his friends at our care centre now have a bounce in their step carrying their smart new bags. If you want to provide the excitement of a school bag and resources, get your hands on our Alternative Gift Catalogue. Browse the educational resources you can purchase to give some of the poorest children in the world access to a great education.

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