Guest blog: A proud moment for Cami

Romania Wednesday, 03 August 2016
Guest blog: A proud moment for Cami

Cami, the Director of our work in Romania, took the girls of the House of Hope into her hearts and has cared for them as their Mum since they were just babies rescued from neglect in state orphanages. Three of the girls are now 18 and as they grow up and take on new challenges, Cami is there to support them all the way. Read her guest blog on why she is bursting with pride for Gabriela:

I cannot help but write about our dearest Gabriela who made us all so proud this month. Gabriela has had a harder time during her high school than others. She struggled during the last four years with maths and biology (both exam subjects). There were days when she was down, when she felt sad and disappointed with herself, and she could not wait to finish high school. She was tempted to give up, to not even dream about passing the baccalaureate exam.

But being in the House of Hope house made all the difference in the world for Gabriela. She received constant encouragement, love and support from the caregivers, her sisters in the home, her friends, her sponsors, her head master and a young maths teacher who gave her tutoring lessons. So many people believed in Gabriela and she saw that with every day.

During the last days before the baccalaureate exam I saw Gabriela become more motivated than ever to pass the three baccalaureate exams (maths, Romanian language and biology). She studied from morning to evening together with her sisters and friends and more importantly, she prayed. She shared with us: “I pray for many days now that God will write with my hand, and not me. I want to pass these baccalaureate exams!

And Gabriela did! God listened to her prayers. These words cannot describe our happiness for this wonderful accomplishment of our dear girl Gabriela. She wishes to go to university now and we expect her to accomplish great things as she is well aware of God's love and faithfulness to her.

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