Mothers are wonderful!

Kenya Thursday, 24 March 2022
Mothers are wonderful!

Gracious had a rough start in life. Thankfully, he was brought to our Open Arms project in Kenya with his little brother.  The two boys were given love, care and attention. They now have a home with loving parents, food, healthcare, counselling and quality education.

However, after a difficult childhood, Gracious would not talk. The only communication he would have was in whispers to his brother. But soon, someone became very special to him. Special enough that he was able to start talking to her. His mama, Linet.

“As soon as I met Gracious and his brother, I knew that they were among the reasons I was at Open Arms. Everything I have gone through and everything I am, led me to this moment here to help these two boys heal. I know there is a reason why Gracious came to my house. I believe that God put us together” Mama Linet.

Mama Linet’s approach was subtle and quiet. She made Gracious a part of everything she did. When she washed clothes, she would call him near and tell him stories from her childhood and from books she had read. During evening devotions, she sang songs of God’s love to her children to remind them that they are loved. He was always by her side, listening quietly.

“One day I decided to retell an old story. He looked at me smiling while shaking his head and said, ‘Mum, you told me that story a long time ago. Did you forget?’ I felt pure joy going through my heart because I knew I was getting through to him.”

Linet and Gracious are a match made in heaven. She is patient, loving and caring. Linet shows Gracious every day how precious and loved he is. For two years, Gracious has been coming out of his shell more. He plays with his brothers and sisters and enjoys having a loving family. He has a creative side and loves making crafts out of twigs and stones. The boys have overcome so much since they have been here; they laugh and are very cheeky. Thanks to his mother’s love, Gracious is reaching his full potential.

We are grateful to all our mothers, teachers and sponsors who care and love our children deeply and unconditionally.

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