Transforming communities

Nepal Monday, 21 March 2022
Transforming communities

Kabin comes from a remote village in Nepal. It is close to the Indian border and often cut off by flooding during the monsoon season. He is a former student and part of our Stand by Me family.

Kabin left the project several years ago and got work in India as a driver and then labourer. He recently returned to Nepal and has been employed by Stand by Me as a caretaker. He is resourceful and brilliant with his hands. Kabin can fix anything and also has a good sideline as a barber!

Kabin’s family group are Dalits, which means that many aspects of society and community are difficult to access. We are passionate about providing the same educational opportunities for all children. Sadly, this stigma and discrimination are still commonplace.

After a visit home, Kabin found that his Dalit community were being blocked from the new well in the village, despite their legal right to use the government water supply. Consequently, they were forced to collect water from the river. Kabin decided to tackle this injustice proactively. He spent his savings to fund another well in the village. This one is open and available to all who need fresh, clean water.

This story brought joy to our hearts. Our hope for our children is that they will become independent, able to stand on their own two feet and passionate to use their unique skills, talents and personalities to make a difference in the world. With unconditional love and support, our children like Kabin are rising above their circumstances and transforming their own communities.

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