"Mum, mum, I can hear!"

Colombia Wednesday, 05 December 2018
"Mum, mum, I can hear!"

Looking after our kids’ health is vital to their wellbeing and happiness so we carry out regular health checks for our kids. A health team visited our Emmanuel Care Centre to give every child a health check. The children were excited to receive their checks and many of their parents and guardians came along to hear about the health of their child as without the help of the care centre, health checks would be unaffordable for many of the families.

As 12 year old Yeismar was checked by the doctor, a blockage in her ear was discovered. With questioning, we found that Yeismar had been struggling to hear for months yet hadn't complained of this to anyone. Yeismar was very brave as the doctor went about clearing the blockage and eventually, to everyone's relief, the blockage was removed. Immediately, Yeismar exclaimed, “mum, mum, I can hear!” Yeismar's joy was clear for all to see as she took in the sounds and noises that she hadn't heard for some time. 

Yeismar’s restored hearing has brought her joy and improved her everyday life as she learns and plays. We expect she will improve in her school studies now that she is able to hear her teacher more clearly. 

Without regular health checks, minor medical issues can be left untreated and eventually result in lasting damage. Thanks to regular sponsorship donations and our amazing supporters, we can make sure no disease, illness or injury prevents our children from getting a great education, enjoying their childhood and realising their potential. 

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