No-shoes November

Ethiopia Thursday, 31 October 2013
No-shoes November

Braving the cold and blustery weather that November brings, Sophie de Winter is venturing out onto the streets of Cardiff with bare feet for an entire month, to raise money for the children in our care.

Sophie has been on two overseas trips with Stand by Me, most recently visiting Ethiopia in the summer of 2012, and she fell in love with the children she met there in Bekoji. She had a wonderful time with the children in our home and school, and on reflection she said, “My heart is now forever in Africa”. Sophie is passionate about the work of Stand by me and is keen to raise money for the children in our care worldwide.

During her no-shoes November, Sophie intends to leave her shoes behind as she carries on with her usual daily routines of walking to her university lectures and cycling to town, treading carefully on her journeys – just like the children in Ethiopia she visited, as they walk miles to school, regardless of the weather and conditions.

Sophie’s compassion for the children she has met is truly admirable and if you would like to support her as she undertakes this exciting challenge, please visit her fundraising page here

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