Outstanding marks in ICT

Ethiopia Monday, 07 August 2017
Outstanding marks in ICT

In our schools around the world, we enable children to access a life-changing education. We equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to rise above their circumstances and change their communities. To do this, we are always making sure we are providing the best education possible.

In Bekoji, a big step for Stand by Me was opening an ICT lab, the first of its kind in Bekoji where electricity supply is often unreliable. The computer lab is in full use for students of all ages and the children are delighted to gain practical experience with technology. Although they have only touched the surface of all there is to learn about computers, technology and the benefits they can bring, many of our students are achieving great results.

Three grade 8 students in particular have been excelling in their ICT lessons. Firew, Abel and Tariku scored outstanding marks in their tests, all scoring 100%. Their natural aptitude for technology and their hard working attitude has made them top of the class and Stand by Me is thankful that it could provide them the opportunity to explore their technology skills.

Firew, age 16, really appreciates the benefits of the computer lessons for his future and commented:

“I like to attend computer class because I am now going to join high school, so it is very useful for me to know basic computer skill for my future academic year.”

It is integral for Stand by Me to go the extra mile and provide our children with every opportunity they need to reach their dreams. Firew, Abel, Tariku and their classmates, despite coming from extremely impoverished backgrounds, will be equipped with the technology skills needed to pursue high school, further education and achieve great things.

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