Bringing hope to Guacamayal

Colombia Wednesday, 09 August 2017

Occupying the largest site in the heart of Guacamayal is a building referred to by children and parents alike as "The Centro". A far cry from the surrounding dark and squalid housing, the Emmanuel Care Centre is a hub exploding with colour, full of laughter and run by committed staff determined to bring joy to this forgotten corner of Colombia. 

Every day, before and after school, 200 children congregate outside the gates, eager to enter the centre and receive a nutritious hot meal. They excitedly take part in energetic games and hear about the love Jesus has for them before settling down to receive much needed support with their education. 

Since its opening, "The Centro" has gained a reputation as the place where mums can seek refuge from domestic violence, receive housing support and food assistance, attend medical clinics and gain parenting and self-sufficiency training. It has become a safe environment where our resident psychologist is at hand to listen, support and guide children and parents as they overcome the trauma of child abuse. 

The challenges we face in Colombia are heartbreaking. Our kids come from terrible background where violence and abuse are a daily occurrence - the things you never want for your children, or anyone's children. But our staff at the centre are always on the look out to rescue children from awful circumstances. No child is too much work; they pick them up, dust them off and despite personal danger, they stand up for them. This display of incredible love is helping children rise above their circumstances and reach their full potential. 

Sadly there are still many children trapped in poverty and abuse. We want to do more to bring hope into their situations but we need your help. Support the Emmanuel Care Centre or sponsor a child in Colombia to bring love the the forgotten children of Guacamayal. 

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