Protect their every step this Christmas

Wednesday, 26 November 2014
Protect their every step this Christmas

Shoes are something we will take for granted this Christmas, but a new pair of shoes will make our children’s year. Without an adequate pair of shoes every step puts our children at risk, vulnerable to cutting and damaging their feet making them prone to diseases and parasites entering their bodies.

Imagine feeling thankful that your feet are not bleeding, that is how Usmael felt when he received his first pair of shoes in Dembi Dollo. “Before joining Abdi Academy I have no shoes and had been walking barefoot. As I walk barefoot, the skin of my feet peeled off and I was in serious trouble. But after joining school I received my first pair of shoes. Many many thank you my sponsor! The skin of my feet no more comes off.”

Shoes are not just important for our children’s health but also for their dignity, helping them to feel valued and loved. When a child has the special experience of choosing and trying on their new shoes, delight and joy spreads across their face.

You can change a child’s world by giving them a new pair of shoes. For £5 you can offer a child in our care protection for their growing feet and confidence as they walk, skip and run through life. There are few gifts that will bring greater excitement and happiness this Christmas. Visit our Shoes Christmas Appeal to buy a pair of shoes for a child in our care.

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