Ready for take off

Ethiopia Wednesday, 17 September 2014
Ready for take off

Fedasa’s family lived on less than one pound a day, desperately poor, he was without the chance to ever attend school. Now at the Stand by Me Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia he has discovered his passion and hidden talent for constructing aircrafts.

Fedasa is 11 years old and lives with his parents and three younger sisters. His father goes out to the market everyday to earn money, carrying heavy materials for the market traders. In their two roomed mud hut they have no proper bed, no toilet and no running water. But since the start of this year Fedasa has been attending the Stand by Me Abdi Academy, and now there is hope.

At the Abdi Academy Fedasa enjoys nutritious meals, a life changing education and tailored health care. His family are happier knowing he is cared for and he is growing in confidence at his new school. Fedasa studies hard, is always eager to learn and attentively listens to his teachers. He loves being part of the sports club, especially playing football. He is also a member of the environmental protection club where he and his friends plant flowers in the school garden. He is often found alongside his best friend Lami or reading books in the school library.

This year at school Fedasa has been working hard on a project making a model helicopter, he has spent time and effort, constructing wheels, propellers and doors onto the model and colouring it blue and red. Fedasa hopes that, one day, he will be able to make it fly if he can learn how to attach electrical wiring.

Fedasa has a great education, care and support at the school, but like many of our children in the Abdi Academy he does not yet have a sponsor. A letter of love and support can mean so much to a child like Fedasa and encourage him in his plans of building his helicopter. To sponsor a child please visit our child sponsorship page.

Stand by... almost there...