Samrawit’s birthday in her new home

Ethiopia Thursday, 20 June 2019
Samrawit’s birthday in her new home

The Bethany School in Bekoji, Ethiopia exists to provide a life-changing education to children living in poverty and Samrawit started at our school for exactly that reason. She was living with her father in a small house, her mother had passed away from a health issue that wasn’t found in time. Not long after starting at the school, her brother passed away after a tragic accident. Sadly tragedy and unexpected loss are all too common for children in Bekoji.

All through these difficult times we endeavoured to bring Samrawit support and hope. At the school she received regular food, healthcare and everyday things including uniform, clothes and school resources. With the support of her teachers and the encouragement and love of her sponsors, she knew she was cared for.

But life became even harder for Samrawit when her father became seriously ill. When it became too difficult for him to work, Samrawit looked after him with care and love. At only 12 years old, it was a huge emotional burden to bear. Eventually her father’s health deteriorated and he passed away last year.

Samrawit missed her Dad and her loneliness increased when her family members slowly moved away, leaving Samrawit with no one to care for her. The Stand by Me Bekoji Children’s Village was built to care for children just like Samrawit, orphaned, abandoned and in need of a loving family. We welcomed her into our girls’ home where she immediately fitted in.

At our home, Samrawit receives 24 hour care in a loving family environment. She has everything she needs to feel secure and that she has a place where she belongs. It's important that Samrawit knows she has people that care for her and she is settling in well and feeling at home:

“I thank God for He has given me a safe place where I feel like my previous home. I got to celebrate my first birthday at this village with my sisters and brothers who live here”

Celebrating her birthday with her new family was a joyful occasion for Samrawit, showing her she is part of our family and is special to us. 

Samrawit has experienced great loss in her life, but she knows that we’ll always be there for her, and that she has a family that accepts and loves her no matter what.

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