The Yangon family enjoy a meal

Myanmar Friday, 07 June 2019
The Yangon family enjoy a meal

It’s been said that “families that eat together stay together”, well, the Stand by Me family at the Yangon’s Children’s Village love to eat together and recently enjoyed a celebration meal thanks to some supporters.

The whole family gathered outside around tables in the shade and a tasty selection of food was prepared, including rice which is a Burmese staple. It was a great time eating and celebrating together and it was a good opportunity for the family to bond as chatter and laughter buzzed around the table.

Many of the children came to our home after being orphaned as a result of natural disasters and sickness. For children who have lost so much, it’s the ordinary things like sharing a meal together that helps them feel loved and that they have a family in which they belong.

Our Yangon Children’s Village is comfortable, safe and full of happiness. We are passionate about creating family homes where our kids can thrive with their brothers and sisters, cared for by adoptive parents who love them like they are their own children. Our kids grow up in a stable environment with all the attention and care they need.

Family meals are such an important part of family life in the Yangon Children’s Village. Thanks to the commitment of sponsors and the generosity of supporters, the Yangon family can receive regular food and know that they are loved. We delight to see them smile, laugh and enjoy life.

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