Sena and her classmates head to high school

Ethiopia Thursday, 07 February 2019
Sena and her classmates head to high school

We are proud to be educating and caring for 440 children at our Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia and have been amazed at our kids’ development and achievements since we opened the school six years ago.

Despite the difficulties our kids face, they have jumped at the chance of an education and they love to learn. Our first ever class of Grade 8 students in Dembi Dollo took their national exams in 2018. These exams determine whether they can go on to high school. A total of 22 students took the exam and wonderfully, every one of them passed. Children who five years ago could not read or write are now on their way to achieving their dreams.  

15 year old Sena is one of the students who took the national exam. Sena lives with her mother and brother in a small mud house, her father having passed away in 2002 due to AIDS. Sena’s mother is living with HIV and as the sole provider she bears the burden of meeting her children’s needs. The Abdi Academy is a place of hope for Sena and her family through regular meals, medical help and a HIV food programme.

Since joining our school, Sena has worked hard. Not only did she successfully pass her national exam, she received such a high mark that she was awarded an entrance scholarship to a private mission school. Her success and kind character has made her an excellent role model to the younger children and we hope many of them will follow her example.

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