Technology arrives at the Emmanuel Care Centre

Colombia Wednesday, 06 February 2019
Technology arrives at the Emmanuel Care Centre

The children at our Emmanuel Care Centre in Colombia were ecstatic with the newest addition to the centre, a computer! They watched eagerly as the screen lit up and they excitedly took it in turns to explore the different programmes that will help in their learning.

The care centre is a safe place for 180 children and is a hub providing counselling, training and family support. The children have a much brighter future now that they come along each day to receive regular food, medical care and educational help. With educational help, and now computer skills, our children will be able to go far, achieve their dreams and change their communities. 

We recognise that a great education is essential in transforming children’s lives and helping them reach their full potential. The addition of a computer at our Emmanuel Care Centre will help us equip our kids with the skills and knowledge they need to rise above their circumstances. And we are always making sure we are improving the standard of education at our schools and care centres, because our kids deserve the best.

If you would like to stand by these soon-to-be technology experts in Colombia and encourage them to reach their full potential you can sponsor a child in Colombia today

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