Simon's Manchester Marathon funds teachers

Tuesday, 25 June 2019
Simon's Manchester Marathon funds teachers

This year, Simon signed up to run the Manchester Marathon. This was to be his first marathon and double the distance he had ever run in his life.

The training plan was put together and months of longer and longer runs began. When Simon had done the majority of the training and knew that he could run more than 20 miles, he shared his plan to run the Manchester Marathon with his friends, choosing Stand by Me to benefit from his fundraising.

Simon sponsors a child with Stand by Me and knew that the money he raised was going to help those that needed it most. His friends and family were incredibly generous, donating to Simon’s fundraising page in support of his marathon challenge.

On the 4th of April the big day arrived and Simon set off for the 26.2 mile run cheered on by the crowds of spectators and the support of his family and friends. The months of demanding training paid off and his determination to complete the race for all those that had sponsored him helped him cross the finish line victoriously.

“It was hard and painful but a great sense of achievement. The best thing out of this though is the generous people who have raised over £1200, which with Barclays Bank matched funding raises £2200 for Stand by Me and makes a difference to children’s life”

This fantastic fundraising is making sure children in Ethiopia get a great education and the chance of a brighter future by funding teachers’ salaries. Our teachers are local people who persevere to support every child as an individual with compassion and patience. A good education is essential to our children reaching their full potential so our hard working teachers ensure that our children receive the best education possible. 

If you are inspired by Simon’s fundraising and want to use your energy, skills, time or talents to fundraise for our kids, find out how to Get Involved and make an amazing difference in our kids' lives.

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